ANTU Train station in Lucknow North zone, Northern Railway division

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Find all information available for ANTU train station located at Antu, Distt. Pratapgarh, Northern Railway: Find address, localisation, train schedule and all usefull information

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Usefull information about ANTU in Lucknow North, Northern Railway

Train schedule

Train schedule:
Train No. Train Name Arrival Time Departure Time From station To station
14203' BSB LKO INTRCIT 18:33:00' 18:34:00' VARANASI JN LUCKNOW NR
14204' LKO BSB INTRCIT 09:50:00' 09:51:00' LUCKNOW NR VARANASI JN
14219' BSB LKO EXP 08:07:00' 08:09:00' VARANASI JN LUCKNOW NR
14220' LKO BSB EXP 16:04:00' 16:06:00' LUCKNOW NR VARANASI JN
14257' K V EXP 16:42:00' 16:44:00' VARANASI JN NEW DELHI
14258' KASHI V EXPRESS 00:43:00' 00:45:00' NEW DELHI VARANASI JN
14265' BSB DDN EXP 12:19:00' 12:21:00' VARANASI JN DEHRADUN
14266' DDN BSB EXPRESS 11:05:00' 11:07:00' DEHRADUN VARANASI JN
14307' PRG BE EXPRESS 00:42:00' 00:44:00' PRAYAG BAREILLY
14308' BE LKO ALD PASS 02:18:00' 02:20:00' BAREILLY PRAYAG
54253' PYG LKO PASS 17:57:00' 17:59:00' PRAYAG GHAT LUCKNOW NR
54254' LKO PYG PASS 08:52:00' 08:54:00' LUCKNOW NR PRAYAG GHAT
55322' RMR BSB EXPRESS 11:05:00' 11:07:00' RAMNAGAR VARANASI JN



Antu, Distt. Pratapgarh, Lucknow North, Northern Railway
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Phone number

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You can contact the official Toll Free number here :

Phone : 800-111-139

Informations about ANTU train station

No of platforms : 2
Halting Trains: 22
Nearest Airport: Allahabad Bamrauli Airport/IXD

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All Train Station in Lucknow North, Northern Railway

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